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Journey to the West

The game has a mountainous ancient China background. It has no download point of access thus one can only play Journey to the West online. The game comes with some music to keep you entertained as you play. Aside from the reels, there are various buttons on the screen. These include: Pay table, Spin, Bet max, Auto spin, Coupon, Tournaments, and Bet history.

Starting the Game

A player on this Evoplay-provided game has first to select the lines and lines bets they wish to play. Lines are multiplied by the line bets to come up with the total bet. The punter can choose to either have an auto-spin or do the spinning himself. It is advisable to do the spinning as you get to choose when the spinning stops. One can bet with either real money or with Bitcoins.

Symbols and Winnings

Journey to the West Bitcoins slots come with fifteen symbols. Of these symbols, three offer special bonuses from the casino. These are:

  • Wu Kong
    This is a wildcard symbol that occurs from the 2nd reel onwards. Any symbol can be replaced by this apart from the scatter symbol.
  • Scatter symbol
    It offers 5 btc when it occurs thrice, 20 btc if it appears four times and 100 bts if it appears five times. When it appears at least thrice, it triggers a ‘Crossroads’ bonus stage. In this bonus stage, one gets to play free Journey to the West Bitcoin casino slot machine.
    If you are lucky and you keep winning, then you keep on getting free games as you continue. Multipliers are also won in this bonus stage and they help increase your winnings. At the end of the stage, you get 20 free spins and x500 multiplier.
  • Emperor symbol
    This is the symbol with the highest payout on Journey to the West. It offers 2 btc for appearing twice on a selected line, 50 btc when it appears thrice, 800 btc when it occurs four times and 5000 btc when it appears five times.

Journey to the West has a multitude of ways to win while playing it. Players should always be on the lookout for the special icons to increase their winnings.